Yo' Soul Art


Yo’ Soul Art


Let go, free your mind, move the physical energetic body.  Tap into your full creative potential.  Allow the love and light of your soul to have connection and beautiful expression.  This enjoyable practice of yoga and soul painting can bring flow and creativity into the rest of your life.



Why do Kundalini Yoga and Art together?


Kundalini yoga expands the potential creative life force that lies within.  Through breathwork and exercise, we can release the energy stored at the core and the base of the spine which allows it to flow through the spine to the crown.  This expanded creative life force, called kundalini, helps to open up compressed areas of the body, clarify the mind and purify negative emotions.  With expanded creative energy flowing, we will do a meditation that will connect you deeper to your soul.  In this state of feeling inward, you begin creating art.  We will hold the space to allow you to stay in the state of flow so that you can express the experience of your soul onto the canvas with colorful acrylic paint brushstrokes. 



You will come out feeling greater awareness of your mind, body and soul.  As well, you will have a beautiful piece of Soul Artwork.  Come join us for Yoga Soul Art classes.



Carolyn Puckett, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Physical Therapist


Karen Grove, Art Teacher, Life Coach


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