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Myofascial Release treatment in the pelvic area can correct structural and energetic imbalances in the pelvic area and release scars, tension and emotions trapped in the fascia. The result is decreased pain and increased function, emotional harmony and energy.

The pelvic area is such an important area, involved in birth, creation, stability and elimination. In the chakra energy system, it is the security and abundance energy center. If the energy is stuck and weak, then fear and insecurity are present and energy to manifest abundance is weakened.

In the cases of trauma (physical or emotional), stress, falls, birthing trauma (whether as the mother or baby), bladder frequency/urgency, impotence, cystitis, endometriosis, fibroids, surgical scars (e.g. hysterectomy, episiotomy, c-section), there are fascial restrictions that cause tremendous tension on sensitive structures such as nerves and blood vessels. This pressure also hinders the flow of nutrients in and the flow of cellular waste products and toxins out. Clearing the pelvic area of fascial restrictions is important to health and well-being.

The fascial system is composed of collagen and elastin configured in hollow fluid-filled tubules, the size of nanometers, set in a fluid ground substance. There is fascia in, around and connecting every one of the 100 trillion cells to each other. The fascial system is crystalline liquid. This takes on the state of the fourth phase of water which is liquid crystal, which like fiber optics, can conduct a tremendous amount of information and energy quickly, much faster than the speed of light.

Emotions or traumas can be trapped in the subconscious mind and fascia of the body. These areas of fascia become viscous, slowly hardening and becoming more viscous as time goes by. This viscous, thick ground susbstance does not allow the cells to get nutrients and neuropeptides that they need and to eliminate toxins.

In the case of cancer cells, the return of fluidity from Myofascial Release can restore the ground susbstance fluidity to the point that the cells can restore what they need to find homeostasis. After Myofascial Release, there is rehydration of fluid to the fascia and an increase in interleukin 8 which is the body’s natural anti-inflammatory and cancer killer.

The Myofascial Release therapist applies gentle hands-on techniques, which creates heat and pressure on the crystalline fascia, which in turn creates a piezoelectric current to flow. This creates a phase transition. It has been shown that 5+ minutes are required by restricted fascia to let go and release. As the molecules vibrate in resonance, the blocked energy begins to flow and tissues rehydrate.

It is in the feeling state that you will increase awareness, and with the help of the therapist, you find the restrictions in the body felt as hot, hard or tender. The therapist presses down gently with soft hands until the fascial resistance is met, slack is taken out between the therapist’s hands without sliding on the skin until a halt is met. In the first 90-120 seconds, the fascia starts to move as the energy rises in vibration and comes into resonance. Then unwinding of the tissue is followed for another 3-5 minutes. Science has shown that holding the barrier for 5 minutes or longer stimulates production of interleukin 8, the body’s natural anti-inflammatory.

As you receive treatment, you will gain awareness of what is held bound in the fascia of the body and its associated memories and emotions. This will result in profound healing. There are often restrictions that connect from the pelvic area to the cranium. This is how intricately the body is designed and brings to knowledge that it requires conscious feeling of the body in order to release and heal all that holds us in subconscious holding patterns. Freeing these up stops the past traumatic memories playing in the subconscious background and allows us to access our full potential with more of our energy available to us. The Myofascial Release healing journey will help you to experience more presence and energy to manifest a more enjoyable and expanded future.

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