All lower vibrational experiences, stressful events, traumas, accidents, injuries and restricted postures can get caught up in the Fascial System, blocking energy, causing density and compression that can cause pain. The nature of the fascial blocks can be emotional, mental and/or physical. Once the blocks are released from the fascial layers, the energy is restored to those layers and tension releases and pain dissipates. Pain and tension indicate areas of fascial blockage. Persistent, chronic pain always involves blocked fascia. In order to regain freedom from pain, Myofascial Release is part of the healing pathway. It unlocks or thaws the blocked areas treated, restoring energy and fluidity and restoring awareness, relaxation and function. Experience release that will change and get rid of holding patterns of pain and tension. Your body will be freed up of physical tension and pain, associated stuck emotions and mental memory. Experience a healing pathway that clears the density of emotional, mental and physical blocks that have been stuck in your body. Myofascial Release may be the therapy you have been seeking for but did not know about.

This healing modality is offered at SHBHCC by Carolyn Puckett. For more information, visit Call for a consult and treatment session, 727-365-8838.

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