For Healing, Joy and Manifestation, the Key Is “To Let Go”

Authentic healing occurs when you allow yourself to feel to heal, be in the present and let go of the outcome. Healing is releasing blocked negative energies in the mind, body and spirit. Myofascial Release is a hands-on therapy that allows you to feel what is restricted in the physical body as well as any associated past memories trapped in the connective tissue, thus allowing the release and restoration of health and energy flow.

Letting go of negative thoughts, emotions and habits increase your healing, joy and power to manifest. Fear and doubt block healing, joy and manifestation. Let go of any thoughts that resonate fear. Dig deeper into your subconscious, sweep them out and let them go. The memories in the subconscious that are below your consciousness radar may require a healing practitioner to assist. If stuck in the connective tissue of the body, seek a Myofascial Release practitioner. If stuck in the subconscious mind, seek a practitioner that can help you bring awareness to the belief systems or mind programming that block your joy. A program that is still playing but no longer serves you can be deleted in an instant. You will feel more love by removing fear, as fear is the opposite of love. Love is the vibration of your true self. Unfound fears are overactive thoughts and emotions that steal your joy.

Remember, you are much more than your physical self. Delete old limiting belief systems and identities that keep you in the box. Reprogram them with affirmations. As a result, your awareness of choices expands and possibilities become infinite. As your faith and trust in the divine increases, you fill your vessel with divine love which raises your energy vibration for healing, joy and manifestation.

Let go of unbalanced energies of the past. Release criticism, blame and judgment. Practice forgiveness daily. Forgive others and ask them to forgive you, which sometimes can be done in person, but if not possible, can be done from a distance. Forgive yourself and ask the divine for forgiveness. It’s the energetic release of negative past memories, thoughts and feelings that results in healing. Again, it’s letting go of the energetic imbalance. If you don’t have a practice of forgiveness, the unbalanced energies would collect and manifest. This is called karma (cause and effect). We ask the divine for forgiveness and seek to do our best not to make the same mistake in the future. It is important to know that it does not matter who is at fault! If you do not forgive the other person, you will carry that unbalanced, negative energy with you. When you forgive the other person and yourself, you release the other person’s energy. It’s up to them if they want to carry the negative energy or to forgive and release it. The highest energy vibration results when you forgive and send love.

If and when you experience pain, let go of focusing on the pain as it only leads to suffering. Instead, transform the pain or problem into a solution and renewed strength. Pain signifies that there is an opportunity for a transformation to take place. Transformation is the main reason why we are here.

Let go of control. Resistance is self-will and blocks flow. Letting go of self-will invites divine will to flow in. To make this change, surrender each time you feel you are running into resistance because you are trying to control things or others. We cannot change others. Divine gave each person free will so truly, only the individual has the power to make a change within. Be still and listen for intuition, which is knowledge through divine within.

Through the practice of meditation, you can know your true self or soul and your divine life purpose, which is what you were born to do. Receive the information from meditation, take action, keep an open mind and heart and experience the flow. You will experience synchronicities on this path. There are no coincidences in life. Notice the synchronicities to create more flow. The synchronicities confirm that you are on your divine path. Once you are on path, you feel more bliss, joy, support, protection, understanding, love and peace. Your work seems joyful and effortless, you feel passionate about what you are doing, and you feel empowered.

Let go of expectations as they often lead to disappointment, thus taking away joy. Instead, set goals, put things into action and then let go of the outcome.
If you are don’t like something in your life, know there are choices. It is when we don’t realize we have choices that we get stuck, stressed and/or depressed. Expand your consciousness and you will see there are more choices. You can make a shift within and try to understand the situation so that you will not be emotionally affected. Mentally say, “I let go” and breathe it away. If the stress is ongoing and cannot be changed with internal shifts, modify your external interactions or situations so you do not have these experiences anymore. When you make a change to decrease stress, you automatically increase your joy.

Shine light on the desires in your life. Do they serve your highest good? If they do not, consider releasing them so that you can have more joy. This release eliminates distractions from your path to your divine life purpose. When you are on the path, you experience more joy, which transforms into bliss.

The highest energy vibrations are love and gratitude. Focus on these feelings and words daily, and you will be filled with divine grace and flow. This accelerates your healing, joy and power to manifest.

Fill yourself up fully with joy and divine love. Feel self-acceptance, appreciation and empowerment. When enough joy flows within you, it starts to fill the void areas, transforming the darkness into light. With this high energy vibration, your power to manifest your future increases. It quickens the path from creation to manifestation.

When you want to manifest something in your life that serves your highest good, create through mind and feelings, affirmations, and then let go of the outcome. We have to release it to manifest it. Let go, flow, heal, create, live your divine purpose and enjoy the ride!


June 2013 Tampa Bay Wellness Magazine


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