MEDITATION: Connecting to your true self

For me, the accelerated journey to reconnecting to my intuition started in 2007. After many years of undoing and releasing the negativity-fears, frustration, and hurt that I was carrying-the steps quickened to an awakening of my soul/spirit. The intuitive voice was recognizable again. Most children have it, but by adulthood, the voice is blocked by negativity.

Negative memories in thoughts and emotions, if not released, get stuck in the subconscious. It is the subconscious that limits the connection to guidance and protection that is available through intuition. It is part of the reason why we are here, to transform negativity into positivity, darkness into light.

The energies we are in close proximity to rub off on us over time. As children, we don’t have control of it, but as adults, we become aware of the differences in energies; we move away from the negative towards the positive and learn to transmute the negativity into positivity. Prerequisites to effective meditation involve connective tissue release, energy center balance, and proper breathing technique.

There are many ways to clear the subconscious memory. Follow the wisdom of your heart is a start. For me, it was a calling to learn Myofascial Release. As a student, I experienced a transformation from stuck subconscious memories, trapped energy and restricted physical fascia. Fascia is connective tissue and a conduit of energy in the body. When the connective tissue is restricted, it blocks the energy flow where emotional, mental and physical memories from the past can be stored. Myofascial Release is a way of reconnecting and restoring the health of the body. When those tight areas of connective tissue open up, the mind becomes clearer, the past emotions are released, and the spirit can fill an expanded vessel that is your physical body. This has been my experience with Myofascial Release and others who have been touched by the amazing techniques.

Another prerequisite to meditation is opening and balancing the energy centers of the body. Chakras are wheels, vortexes of energy in the body that correspond to organ and endocrine systems. There are seven chakras in the physical body, and the eighth is the aura. Chakras one to seven, from bottom to top of the body, correspond to the colors red, orange, green, blue, indigo and violet, the colors of the rainbow. The aura is the combination of all seven and is white in color. This system has been written about since the beginnings of human history, from Yogis in India to Tibetan monks to ancient Egyptians. Those who are seers can see the light of the chakras; now with technology, it can be photographed and measured.

There are many paths to expanding and balancing the chakra and aura energies. Strong and balanced chakras keep the physical body healthy and strong and a radiant aura help to keep the person protected from negative energies outside of its energy field. Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness. It is a practice that was designed to focus on opening and balancing the energy centers of the body through exercise, sound current and breathing techniques, to prepare the body and mind for meditation.

The importance of correct breathing cannot be stressed enough. The breathing function is to flow not only oxygen but also flow energy through the chakras. Diaphragmatic breathing is the mechanism that creates movement of the cerebral spinal fluid through the spine and central nervous system. Many people are not aware of this breathing pattern because it is an unconscious activity. We are born breathing in this manner, belly breathing. It happens without thinking about it. However, it can be disrupted by stress, physical or emotional. Perhaps you had incorrect instructions on holding the posture upright and holding in your abdomen and not allowing the belly to expand on the inhale. This can lead to physical restrictions in the connective tissue of the respiratory diaphragm, rib and lungs. There is reduced flow of energy, oxygen and cerebral spinal fluid. This in turn reduces the health of the body.

Diaphragmatic breathing and breath work help to clear the subconscious mind by allowing one to feel what lies within, one’s emotions and thoughts. Every thought carries an emotion. The purpose of emotion is to create an action in a timely manner. If we wait too long, the emotion builds that can cause over- reaction rather than a conscious action filled with compassion and grace. Find ways to express emotions in healthy ways. If emotions and thoughts are stifled and not expressed, they get stuck in the subconscious. What is brought to conscious awareness then has the opportunity to be released, thus healed. Shine light on the dark areas within, feel it, release it and the healing is done. You no longer carry that energy in your body. Sometimes subconscious memories are stored in the body in certain positions in space. In order to access it, the body needs to unwind and find that position in space to release the trapped memory.

When enough of the subconscious memory has been released, and the energies of the chakras and aura have been balanced, through the practice of prayer and meditation, you can receive answers, to know what was unknown before. This just means you have clear intuition for guidance in the present and more protection from negative energies. This will help you stay on your life’s higher path instead of being pulled into distracting energies and traveling down roads that don’t serve you.

Meditation requires some know-how and practice. Meditation happens when the mind is still. Ask questions in the form of prayer and be in stillness long enough to hear the messages to your questions. For those who have monkey mind, always thinking about something or have a hard time sitting still, you will need to prepare through yoga, Myofascial Release, breath work, etc. to get to the point of quieting the mind and body. Know that it’s the process of being in stillness for periods of time.

There are many paths to meditation. Just ask where to start, then do start. Once you can connect with a technique, just make it a daily habit. It’s best to practice first thing in the morning when there is less activity going on. This morning practice helps to still the mind and connect with the divine flow, to guide you during the day. If you miss it in the morning, do the meditation before sunset. If you have missed both, just do it when you can. What you practice for 30 days starts to become a habit. By 90 days, you are holding the habit. What will happen on this course of action will be more in-flow of intuition.

As you follow the guidance of your intuition, you will notice synchronicities as messages that you are on the path. The guidance comes to an individual in unique ways, different from anyone else. It’s a process of trust and faith.

March 2013 Tampa Bay Wellness Magazine

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