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Energy is our greatest resource, not time or money. With more energy, we can create more abundance, with more energy, we can have better health, and with more energy, we can make better use of time. How do we access more energy?

It begins with the food choices we make. Does the food you are choosing to eat have the bio-energy that our human bodies can utilize? Plants have converted solar energy into useable form; we then take the plant energy and convert it to our useable energy. Remember the sun is our planet’s energy source and the plants have a greater amount of bio-energy.

Anything unnatural the body ingests or breaths in that cannot be used, the body tries to eliminate. These are considered toxins by the body. If enough toxins collect, then the body treats them as stressors. This causes inflammation and can cause disease process. Make conscious, healthy choices and know why you are eating the food you have chosen. Making healthy food choices is a work in progress, improves with practice and then becomes a healthy habit.

Getting restful sleep is important to restoring energy. Every day, take some time to relax for self care, and give yourself time to unwind the mind from the day before going to bed. During sleep we receive healing, guidance and energy. When you awaken, take a few minutes to be still and recollect any messages from the sleep state. Write down what you remember in a journal. These insights can help prepare you for the day, help you solve problems or avoid problems, and help you flow through the day.

Are you getting enough activity and exercise? Do you have a practice that focuses on the body’s energy system, e.g. yoga, qigong, tai chi? Key component include moving the body’s energy with awareness and with focused breathing. This will expand and integrate the body’s energy and help to clear the mind. You will flow with life better.

Are you living in the present? If you are busy worrying about the past or thinking about the future, you are creating stress, using up energy and not receiving the energy for the now. It is in the now that you can receive guidance and light. This can deflect problems, introduce solutions and create flow into your present. Adding a meditation practice allows you to shift into the now state of being which translates to living consciously in the moment with divine flow.

If you have stuck emotions that keep you trapped, your energy is being blocked. Do you have areas of tension held in your body, a tight neck, pain in the back, headaches, tension in the jaws, tension between the shoulder blades or tension in the solar plexus? These are some areas where tension is held, trapped memories and emotions stuck in the fascia. Through Myofascial Release, these areas can be restored with energy. During the session, subconscious memories and emotions can come to the awareness as the physical fascial restrictions are being released. This creates more energy flow in the body and eliminates the tension and pain.

Once you realize that it’s all about energy, and that we are energy, you begin the journey to expand your energy, expand your consciousness, expand your choices, and expand your life experiences and possibilities.


August 2013 Tampa Bay Wellness Magazine


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