The subject of synchronicities and miracles is a complex subject; however, this book makes it simple enough that both adults and children can understand it and be inspired. Brilliant color photos are included. Nuggets of wisdom, love and empowerment are also included.

Each person has been wired for a purpose driven life. Once you begin to connect to your soul and higher self, you begin to know which steps to take next, set intentions, create, take action and then manifest part of your divine plan. Living this way is the life of synchronicities and miracles. It is all available to you, but you must clear the blocks and reconnect to your soul and higher self. Then you arrive at the moment of knowing who you really are and why you came. This means that there is so much more available to you than you ever knew existed.

In this book, I am sharing with you short stories of actual events that occurred in my life, stories of synchronicities and miracles. Then you will learn about tools and shortcuts, to be in the flow of synchronicities and miracles so that you can manifest your higher life purpose.

I AM wishing you blessings on your journey to experiencing synchronicities and miracles. Enjoy this book and share the love with others. You can find it in print at and eBook Kindle at

-Princess Mani


A book review by a reader:
Dear Princess Mani,
Thank you and bless you for this inspirational book that has so much wisdom packed into every line.

You are extremely generous to share your Divine Connection Stories and Tools for Synchronicities and Miracles. In a well written book of less than seventy pages you have given us a guide of letting go of negativity and fear, replacing it with love and joy so that we may connect to our higher self.

I plan to live my life in the “now” with the eyes of “an observer, a participant without judgment, criticism and condemnation” keenly aware that every experience is an opportunity to learn.

May I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking to heal their mind, body and spirit.

Fred T.

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