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The goal of Myofascial Release is to eliminate pain, restore function and movement. Experience authentic healing so you can achieve the highest quality of life.

Hello, my name is Carolyn Puckett.

I want to introduce my healing practice called Bliss Myofascial Release.  I am a licensed Physical Therapist, graduated from University of California at San Francisco Master of Physical Therapy program in 1997, and studied under John Barnes Myofascial Release Seminars to the Expert Level.  I am convinced that the integration of Myofascial Release techniques and Physical Therapy produces profound effects.

Myofascial Release is a hands-on technique that works by applying gentle, sustained pressure into the areas of fascial restriction.  Under the skin, we have a 3-D crystalline matrix of connective tissue through which the energy flows; this is the fascial system.  I can release the trapped fascia and the trapped tissue memory.  The result is a disappearance of pain and other symptoms.

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Thank you,

Carolyn Puckett, PT



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Testimonies of Bliss Myofascial Release clients:

“Dear Carolyn:
Thank you for the Myofascial Release treatments. Initially, I met with you because I was suffering from headaches and back pain. As well, my left shoulder rode four inches lower than my right – a problem that I suffered from for many decades. After a few treatments, the transformation was stunning – no more headaches and almost perfect alignment. An added benefit was the improvement in my golf game. With my new found balance and mobility, I consistently drive my golf ball 30% further. Friends have mentioned the great improvement in my game, in fact, I’ve shaved at least a dozen strokes from my score. Thank you again for your care.”

“Carolyn,  I so appreciate the wonderful treatment you provided me with the myofascial release.  I had tried various ways to relieve the muscle pains in my shoulder and neck and even lower back.  Although I had success with chiropractic in the past for back and neck problems, it didn’t seem to help this particular muscular pain.  Doing stretching exercises, receiving regular massage and acupressure only did so much.  I tried ultrasound and laser therapy which also did not provide much relief.  Since I don’t like taking prescription medications for pain, I searched for other alternative, holistic therapies.  Then I found you, and after the first treatment I saw relief.  And after two more sessions, my shoulder and neck felt better and better.  For now, I am doing well and don’t have the pain that nagged me for many months.  If it reoccurs, I know where I can go to get relief!  Thanks so much for your wonderful care, Carolyn”      -Diana Fleming


“My life has opened up greatly since our session.  It’s become magical!”     -Laurie Jo Forrester


“My neck feels really, really good.  No pain!!  I felt more aware of and more connected to my body with an awesome gratitude for the beauty of it.  I felt lightness – like I was walking on air.  There was no more heaviness weighing me down.  It was as if 10 lbs had been lifted off my shoulders and I had just received a face lift!  I had experienced a transformation.  Thanks for the wonderful healing session!  Your work is incredible! ”       
-Kim Converse


“Thank you Carolyn!”  It was one of the best treatments I have ever had.  Deep and lasting.  It is definitely transformational on a cellular level…Wow…”      -Alan Kowaleski


“One session with Carolyn changed my life.  I had neck and back tension and pain, daily debilitating headaches for weeks, and after just one session, my body began to soften and release.  The benefits went through my whole body.  I am more flexible physically and have been headache-free.  Carolyn’s treatment is soothing and healing.”      -June Marcley Connell


“I had a shoulder joint problem for 15 years with dislocations out of the shoulder socket.  In the past, I have had extended treatments of physical therapy without success.  When I heard of Carolyn’s Myofascial Release therapy, I wanted to ty it in hope of eliminating the pain and regaining use of my arm.  After two hours of Myofascial Release therapy, I no longer felt the pain and pressure inside of my shoulder.  Now I have full mobility of my shoulder and wrist.  Carolyn’s Myofascial Release therapy was very tender and painless compared to the physical therapy treatments of the past.  Thank you Carolyn!”        -Mi-Suk Lee

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